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Things to do here in West Yorkshire

Here is a list of places to visit and things to do locally and a little further afield. This is definitely not a complete list, but does give you a starting point if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Recommended reading

Kindle books we think you will enjoy.

The Great Egyptian Adventure

Barbara Esposito

A charming tale about two young members of a sparrow family from the tiny Mediterranean island of Menorca whose adventures take them to Egypt on a quest to find a friend who had never returned from a visit to far-away Africa!
An exciting educational adventure, in which the reader learns about life in Egypt, past and present, through the eyes of the various animals and birds who help our heroes on their quest.

The Great Indian Adventure 

Barbara Esposito

'Once more, our Adventurers are on the move, and this time they travel further afield, to magical India - and all to help a sad friend who was being held captive!

Follow their adventures and their ups and downs as, helped by new friends that they make in that country, they travel its length and breadth in their quest!

We Are Tomorrow's Ancesters

Philip Esposito

'Revolutions, Wars, Partitions, Social unrest, Ethnic cleansing; call it what you may.

For every dog has his day, and for every satisfied dog, the adverse consequences to innocent people in-between can be truly catastrophic.